Static partition vs dynamic partition in hive differences

In our Last post we discussed about Introduction to Hive Partition In that post we clearly discussed the main difference between SQL partition and Hive Partition and the main advantages with Hive Partitions also.In Hive Partition concept there is two different type of partitions one is Static Partition and another one is Dynamic Partition.Here we will discussed about Static partition vs dynamic partition in hive differences.

In Hive There is two types of Partitions

i) Static Partition in Hive

ii) Dynamic Partition in Hive

Static Partition in Hive

  • Insert input data files individually into a partition table is Static Partition
  • Usually when loading files (big files) into Hive tables static partitions are preferred
  • Static Partition saves your time in loading data compared to dynamic partition
  • You “statically” add a partition in table and move the file into the partition of the table.
  • We can alter the partition in static partition
  • You can get the partition column value form the filename, day of date etc without reading the whole big file.
  • If you want to use Static partition in hive you should set property set hive.mapred.mode = strict  This property set by default in hive-site.xml
  • Static partition is in Strict Mode
  • You should use where clause to use limit in static partition
  • You can perform Static partition on Hive Manage table or external table.


Load Data in table by using Static Partition


Dynamic Partition in Hive

  • single insert to partition table is known as dynamic partition
  • Usually dynamic partition load the data from non partitioned table
  • Dynamic Partition takes more time in loading data compared to static partition
  • When you have large data stored in a table then Dynamic partition is suitable.
  • If you want to partition number of column but you don’t know how many columns then also dynamic partition is suitable
  • Dynamic partition there is no required where clause to use limit.
  • we can’t perform alter on Dynamic partition
  • You can perform dynamic partition on hive external table and managed table
  • If you want to use Dynamic partition in hive then mode is in nonstrict mode
  • Here is hive dynamic partition properties you should allow
Static partition vs dynamic partition in hive differences

Static partition vs dynamic partition in hive differences

Load data into Table by using Dynamic Partition

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  1. How can I put static and dynamic partition on same query

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