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  1. if we drop the table in hive ..metastore will get lost then how we can get the location of the table

    1. If u drop d external table in hive u have to check manually in default location of hive /user/hive/warehouse

      hadoop fs -ls /user/hive/warehouse

      Above I explained the same things with examples

  2. Hi, my question is, while creating external table if we give location then the files will store in that mentioned location instead of default warehouse(/user/hive/warehouse) folder.
    In external case if I delete data then it will delete from meta store , so how you can I dentify the location of the table. becz in this case it is not storing in default location.
    Kindly explain .

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Meta Store Having only data of data not actual data … If you delete the data from external table only data will gone but location of table and schema of table all are stored in Meta store . you can also try this command after delete the data from your external table

      desc formatted tablename;

      For More Clear Information read this link

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