Count Group of Repeated Characters in a String Mapreduce Java

In our Last Program character count example in mapreduce java program we had clearly discussed about character count in a large text file.In the same way now we will learn about Count Group of Repeated Characters in a String Mapreduce Java.

Here we taken an input like this below


In the above input file every line is a single string now we have to find out the Count Group of Repeated Characters in a String.Now we have to find out the repeated character group “atcg”, In the above text file how many times the particular group of characters found we have to find out. In below we will clearly discuss about group character count driver class,group character count mapper class and group character count reducer class.


In the above Driver code we set job mapper class and job reducer classes.Input and output formats taken as TextInputFormat.class and TextOutputFormat.class,output key class taken as Text and output value class taken as IntWritable class.


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